Google Doodles for Android

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
If you are a Google fan or if you just love the doodles from Google`s web site. Now you can have them all in your Android device. Goodles application includes a widget that displays the doodles form your doodle gallery.

Dedicated to All Google Fans!


Will be glad to get your feedback and suggestions for future updates!!
  1. rafasb says:

    Muchas gracias por este fantastico widget, lo tengo instalado desde sus primeras versiones. Solo comentarte (como he hecho en el Market) que la aplicacion mejoraria mucho si cada doodles enlazara con la pagina correspondiente del tema representado. La descarga de los doodles uno a uno es un poco tediosa, una descarga automatica de un aΓ±o entero o de una seleccion previa seria perfecto. Ademas, y para terminar, no estaria nada mal poder seleccionar doodles favoritos que se muestren con mas frecuencia.

    Son solo ideas y se el trabajo que pueden suponer. Solo queria ayudar al desarrollo de esta aplicacion unica.

    Muchas gracias y sigue asi.

    • dpsm says:


      I will do my best to implement some of your suggestions! πŸ™‚

      Please keep sending feedback!

      Thank you very much!

      • f1r0z3 says:

        The program is amazing!!! You have done such a great job…I have always wanted the Google doodles on my phone. I just had a few questions, I don’t know if they are already included in the program or not, but I really wanted to know if there is any way we can show all the doodles one after another on the widget, and if we can, whether we can change how often the doodles change or not. Thank you very much once again for such a unique program…looking forward to the updates.

      • dpsm says:

        Hi There,

        I am very glad to hear your appreciation. The widget loops through the doodles in your gallery every hour (we don’t want to drain your battery). Changing how often it changes might sound interesting for “advanced” users. Please feel free to send feedbacks and ideas in order to continue improving the app πŸ™‚


  2. rafasb says:

    Muchas gracias. Me he instalado la actualizacion, perfecto πŸ™‚
    Podrias probar a poner en el Market una version de donacion, es un metodo facil para que podamos agradecer tu trabajo.

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