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AOSP builds have always missed the fun of having the Google applications shipped within it. I have recently decided to change that, by giving a shot in order to integrate both and create a tuned emulator version. The reason why Google apps are not inside the AOSP is because there are big pieces of IP (Intellectual Property) that belongs to Google inside it.

Fortunately some groups have created update zip files to be used by the Android recovery system that installs the apps on custom Android builds. I have extracted the APKs and all the files required to run Google apps from the zip file and included them to the AOSP build system. It required creating a few makefiles and hooking new modules into the default “full” product, most things that anyone familiar with the AOSP could do in a few hours 🙂

Hacking Result

Account Login

Account Management

Google Mail Application

Google Market Application

Google Maps Application

Google Books Application

YouTube Application

NOTE: Device Vendors MUST go through the official process for distributing Google Applications within its devices.

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